2019  40 for 40

Help us achieve our goal of 40 musicians adopted for our 40th Anniversary Season.

Current total


Principal Players: Available for adoption for $500


Yu-Mei Huang - Concertmaster *Adopted by Dr. Carlos Canova

Nina Mavrinac - Principal 2nd Violin *Adopted by Ana N. Ochoa

Ayren Huslig - Principal Harp *Adopted by Mary Lamar Lyenedecker

Colin Campbell - Principal Organ/Piano *Adopted by Susan Walker

Jennifer Mulhern - Principal Cello *Adopted by Sue Davis Gillis

Melissa Hinojosa - Principal Flute *Adopted by Vidal & Alicia Cantu

John Reimund - Principal Tuba *Adopted by Cutis Wellness Dermatology

Andrew Sutton - Principal Bass  *Adopted by Jonathan & Deborah Watson

Belinda Campbell - Principal Clarinet *Adopted by John & Judy Kilburn

Anthony Martin - Principal Horn *Adopted by Linda LaMantia

Oswaldo Zapata - Principal Trumpet  *Adopted by Jeff & Keiko Alexander

Eduardo Cassapia - Principal Oboe* 

Oscar Diaz - Principal Trombone

James Moyer - Principal Timpani* 

Joel Pagan - Principal Viola

Section Players: Available for adoption at $250

Violin 1

Steven McMillan

Moises Llanes *Adopted by Marilyn DeLlano

Melissa Balli *Adopted by Ardith Epstein

Pedro Vera

Danny Diaz 

Paul Robertson

Milena Georgieva

Aleksandra Kassak

Claudia Ferguson

Danuta Gradney 


Margaret Hager * Adopted by Susan Walker

Yajaira Lara-Sanchez

Teresa Rollo-Nguyen

Miranda Steinle

Darryl Tolliver

Joseph Bonura

Jennifer Miller* 


Patrick Del Los Santos

Ray Fisher

Robert Burwell

Olga De Leon


Rosario De Leon * Adopted by Deutsch & Deutsch

Melissa Montemayor *Adopted by Ardith Epstein

Hacel Arias* Adopted by Maria & Salvador Rosillo


Abby Lloyd *Adopted by Belinda Guerra

Kellie Lignitz-Hahn *Adopted by Cindy Lyenedecker

Cris Lira*

Christopher Moore * 


Nick Balli  *Adopted by Teena & Joe Arciniega

Monica Martinez *Adopted by Priscilla Beckelhymer

Bea Balli *Adopted by Teena & Joe Arciniega


Tomas Aguilar *Adopted by Nancy DeAnda

Eden Garza

Violin 2

Steve Merson *Adopted by Tina Cerda

Juan Fiestas

Annette Franzen *Adopted by Dr. Ralph Nimchan 

Nancy Reyes *Adopted by Juan Cruz 

Noelle Nimchan *Adopted by Susan Walker

Jocelyn Cardona *Adopted by Dr. & Mrs. Sanchez

Enrique Alvarez *Adopted by Susanna Druker

Terri Hammons

Glenda Cisler

Adrian Martinez *Adopted by Patti Bruni

Carlos Perales


Noe Benavides *Adopted by Dawn Beighley-Blanton

Justin Balli *Adopted by Doug & Elizabeth Alford

Sarah Milnarich *Adopted by Rex Spencer

Rachel Garner *Adopted by Kevin & Graciela Lindburg

Osvaldo Ibarra *Adopted by Uzo Neighorhood Pharmacy

Rex Spencer *Adopted by River City Reeds

Joe Galvan

Angeline Townsend *Adopted by Rolinda Lawrence

Justin Regan

Dante Aguilar


Mary Grace Carroll *Adopted by Christi Alexander



Ashley Cook

Ann Fronowiak


Gillian McCallister-Lopez *Adopted by Maria Lopez


Nicole Gillotti *Adopted by Ardith Epstein

John Spillane *Adopted by Christy Alexander

Ron Ledbetter 


Christian Guererro

Ethan Reimund

Mark Boseman 

To adopt by mail, click here for mail in form

To adopt by phone, please call Angie @ 956-236-7772

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