Concert 4

"Mallets & More" 

April 8, 2018

Laredo Community College, 3:00pm

Concert 4


Sunday May 19th 2019


Martinez Fine Arts Theater, Laredo College

Arthur Sullivan                        Overture in C Major (In Memoriam)

Manuel Ponse                           Concierto del Sur for Guitar & Orchestra

 Soloist Juan Ramirez, Winner of the Laredo 2019 Concerto Competition

Lee Actor                                   Symphony No. 3

Premonition is defined as a “strong feeling that something is about to happen.” It was the title of a single movement work that American composer Lee Actor wrote in 2012, which after its’ premiere gave him inspiration to add additional movements to create his 3rd symphony whose inspirational climax fills the musical world with hope. Hope is also at the heart of every young musician who enters a concerto competition with a premonition of great things in their future – we won’t know who that winner is until later in the year. Our composer-in-residence, Dr. Colin Campbell has had a premonition of wonderful sounds ever since he started working on his latest work for orchestra, while our opening work by the great British composer Arthur Sullivan is more a memorial than a premonition, but with an inspiration ending – a fitting tribute to his wonderful father.